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Emilee Mier Media artwork 


    " fire within "

   This piece was created in honor of the palette associated with our sacral chakra along with your solar plexus.


when your sacral chakra is open your playful and creative energies are well balanced along with your sensuality. restoring your 'fire within' 

  • Mixed Media on canvas 

  • acrylic paint, oil pastel, & gold leaf

  • 30 x 40 in 

    *available for purchase*         




"meet me at high tide"

when my heart was  near the west coast, i dreamt of a time we could meetat high tide, when the world was alsleep and it could only be us, together, at last. 


after two years, the realization that it would never happen, created an emotion that i couldnt describe, so, i created this piece.

  • Mixed media on canvas 

  • acrylic paint, oil pastel, spraypaint, watercolor

  • 48 x 36 in

*Available for purchase in custom colors*

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